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Guidelines for Industry Partners

Sharing learning through industry partnerships is a key part of HS2’s dissemination strategy for the Learning Legacy. This page sets out the process for engaging with the Learning Legacy Network to speak at industry events. It also outlines the process for reproducing/adapting learning legacy articles or engaging with the Learning Legacy Network on blogs and news articles. 


Figure 1: Procedure for managing speaker requests of the Learning Legacy Network

Dissemination planning

The HS2 Learning Legacy Manager will work with Industry Partners to discuss and plan any engagement activities on the learning legacy such as industry events, peer review of papers, journal publications or newsletter articles.  Dissemination plans identifying a 6 month forward look of all activities will be developed with each Industry Partner and reviewed each time new content is released – typically at 6 month intervals.

Planning Industry Events

For each event the Industry Partners should complete a Speaker Request Form and submit to the Learning Legacy Manager who will coordinate its approval by the HS2 Communications team and invite the requested speakers as set out in Figure 1 above.

Event Management

The Learning Legacy Manager will confirm once the Learning Legacy Network member accepts the speaker invitation and the speaker request is approved, and all subsequent engagement with the speaker will be managed directly by the Industry Partner.

The Industry Partner will assure the quality of content and adherence to the HS2 Learning Legacy Network speaker guidelines.

The Industry Partner will make available any recorded Events such as Learning Legacy webinars for upload to /link from the HS2 Learning Legacy website.

Measuring Impact

Each industry partner will provide quarterly updates to the Learning Legacy Manager on engagement statistics on the Learning Legacy.


Figure 2: Procedure for managing external publication of Learning Legacy

Reproduction/Adaptation of Technical Papers

Requests for reproduction of technical papers should be submitted to the Learning Legacy Team using the Publication Request Form.

Publication of technical papers by others must be approved by ICE and HS2.

Once permission has been given the following statement should be included in the publication: •“This article is extracted from/originally published in High Speed Two (HS2): Infrastructure Design and Construction (Volume 1). ICE Publishing. © Thomas Telford Limited and High Speed Two 2022, used with permission.”

Publications should also refer to the HS2 Learning Legacy website: https://learninglegacy.hs2.org.uk

Reproduction/Adaptation of Other Learning Legacy Resources

Requests for reproduction or adaptation of learning legacy articles should be submitted to the Learning Legacy Team using the Publication Request Form.

Publication should acknowledge the source of the article including the following text: •“These reproduced materials are courtesy of HS2 Ltd”.  “Further learning legacy resources can be found on the HS2 Learning Legacy website https://learninglegacy.hs2.org.uk “.

Blogs and News Articles

Requests for blogs and newsletters should be submitted to the Learning Legacy team using the Publication Request Form.

Blogs and news articles based on approved Learning Legacy content do not need further publication approval.   No new images or news should be shared. •All blogs should reference the website and the specific learning legacy resource.

The Learning Legacy Team will not assure the quality of these papers, this will be undertaken by the industry partner/publisher.