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Learning & Development

Learning & Development Resources

Resources include papers, videos, research summaries and good practice documents produced by authors from across the HS2 Family to capture learning, good practice and innovation from the HS2 programme

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    VR 360 changing HSEQ training delivery and perceptions

    Within the construction industry, everyone is having regular inductions, RAMS briefings, safety step ups, Toolbox Talks etc. It is evident that before they even attend these sessions, for many there is negativity and a feeling of “heard it all before”. Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd (BGCL) researched both the workforce and supply chain to understand these…

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    Training supervisors for excellence now and the future

    Frontline supervisors (FLS) play a critical role in safely supervising and coordinating activities on site. A shortage of FLSs within the construction industry was identified and those that were available generally did not have the required set of competencies for the more complex role required for the High Speed Two (HS2) enabling works, The Enabling…