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Ensuring that outputs, benefits, and the processes by which they are delivered, meet stakeholder requirements and are fit for purpose.

Quality Resources

Resources include papers, videos, research summaries and good practice documents produced by authors from across the HS2 Family to capture learning, good practice and innovation from the HS2 programme

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    Designing with landscape maintenance in mind

    The HS2 project is delivering built infrastructure and natural environments on an unparalleled scale. The project affords a once in a generation opportunity to deliver nationally significant infrastructure that will respond to local landscape character and demonstrate an innovative and environmentally-sensitive design approach. The project has been developed to minimise it’s impacts on the surrounding…

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    Management of completion and handover

    This paper describes the process of planning and managing completion and handover, in particular the importance of starting at the early stage of a contract, defining processes, requirements and deliverables at each life cycle stage, and providing briefings and specific templates for a standardised approach across a complex and diverse programme of works. The increased…

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    360-degree trial pit photography

    Trial pit photographs captured using conventional digital cameras during ground investigation works are typically of poor quality because of lighting conditions and viewpoint, missing out on key opportunity to capture a photographic record of the in-situ ground conditions. The paper documents the findings of a 360-degree camera photography trial on the Phase 2A ground investigation…